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Unpretentious, relaxed, and friendly — The Spinner’s Loft provides two single-room, home-style accommodations in the 19th-century Cape house adjacent to the Studio, in a country, harbour-side location.

$100 per night includes a delicious dinner and hearty breakfast.  You can also visit a number of local restaurants on your own for dinner, with the room fee being $85.  I care about the quality of my menu and the ingredients; local and organic products are used as much as possible, and I serve Fair Trade Organic coffee. Vegetarian meals available upon request.

Please tell me of any food allergies, sensitivities, or preferences.

See you at The Spinner’s Loft! Come, have fun, and spin with me!

Customer Reviews

Island in the sea

After attending a weekend workshop in 2006, Nicole Coolen of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia emailed her weaving guild: “It was a beautiful setting, amazing food (like Leslie’s own hand-picked chanterelle mushroom and mussel soup!) and I left feeling healthy, happy and really inspired to spin.”

In Spring, 2008, Shawn from Newfoundland wrote to me after her workshop: “I’ve never eaten better — thought, care, passion and imagination, beautifully prepared. This was a learning experience, a holiday, a retreat.”

Margaret H. of Virginia says, “I saw the ad in the back of the Spin-Off magazine. Reviewing the website I got so excited; I thought this was exactly what I was looking for – an opportunity to improve my spinning skills and learn new techniques while visiting a beautiful area. Although the website is great, it doesn’t do the actual experience justice! I was able to greatly improve my spinning skills and work with interesting and exotic fibres.  But, in addition, Leslie did a wonderful job of showing me the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. The meals prepared by Leslie were not only delicious, they were healthy and nutritious, as well. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end – I would recommend it to anyone who spins or has any interest in learning how!”